Many painting classes teach you to paint just like the person next to you. The whole class is set up to paint the same still life. My workshops are the opposite of that. The AWAKEN YOUR CREATIVITY workshops I teach are designed to  help you remember what it felt like when you were a child coloring and creating with absolute freedom of expression.

I am interested in guiding my students to explore themselves though paint. This is where art making has the chance to truly heal us from the inside. It has a way of letting us speak directly with our soul. This conversation between you and your soul is what I hope to inspire at one of my workshops.


"It is my deepest intention and passion to guide others to a place inside where anything is possible. Where natural creative impulses can arise organically, where one feels open to trusting their intuition, and they can hear the voice inside that knows there is no right and wrong with art, there is just your way of making art."


Whether you are already an artist or a curious beginner, the creative journey continues to unfold within you. Allow me to guide you on a fun journey of self discovery through painting and meditation.

For now, all in person activities are on hold. Please SIGN UP for my mailing list or CONTACT ME to find out when the next series of workshops will be held.


"The imagination is my favorite home address. All the best stuff happens there!"






"I was privileged to participate in Rachel's Awaken Your Creativity workshop. The meditation was inspiring. Feeling peaceful and inspired after meditation we went to Rachel's studio. I am not an artist but with Rachel's encouragement I was thrilled with the landscape I created. The class was awesome and Rachel introduced several techniques that helped me make my vision become a reality."

- Marsha Niles 

"Rachel helps us release the fear and get our creative juices re-activated. Rachel is so supportive and helpful. I felt a kid-like joy in just using color and having FUN. My art piece hangs in my home and gives me pleasure to look at and remember that day."

- Christi Mo

"Rachel was non-judgmental, warm and encouraging and helped to bring the artist out in all of us. It was an inspiring day for me and I would encourage all to breathe and paint!"

- Jeri Anderson

"This class is a must for anyone who wants to expand their horizons and open up their life to the creativity that's inside all of us. I have long admired Rachel's gorgeous works of art and we own several of her pieces. To have the opportunity, to be instructed by a consummate professional, and a woman who I deeply admire, was a thrill."

- Deborah Alpert-Orall