I frame many of my artworks in recycled, authentic wood windows that I find in salvage yards all over California. This keeps me searching for the next rare and beautiful frame. It also keeps my compositions evolving because I never know what unusual shape I will find. This is such an exciting part of my process. It's like going on a treasure hunt.


"For me, using windows as frames brings rich meaning to my art. Framing isn't a secondary part of the process. It is an integral part of each piece. I see an inherent strength and soulful quality in their design and purpose, especially after years of use."

Being a reverse painter, it makes a funny kind of sense that when I utilize these window frames, I get to start the artwork by finding the frame first. The windows unusual shape is a starting point to imagine what could be created within the frame. Being inspired by a frame is another fun way I get to employ my reverse painting craft. 

There is another aspect to creating with these windows that I find deeply satisfying. Being able to repurpose them and give new life to objects that get thrown away when they get older or when they are no longer useful is a personally gratifying feeling. These windows were all trees in a forest at one time. I feel they carry this infused memory along with them. Having this awareness gives special meaning to each window painting I create. 



Some of my favorite commissions have been those where I have been given vintage windows to paint by families who wish to keep something from a house they grew up in or a house they want to remember. To me these windows tell a story about our shared past. About honoring what came before. About remembering what has been left behind. About a time when things were made by hand with care and craftsmanship. I often wonder when I look at these windows who also might have looked through them and what they might have seen.

If you are interested in a custom painting framed in an antique, hand painted window, please CONTACT ME to learn more about how we can collaborate on a one of a kind vintage treasure just for you.