One of the lessons I'm taking away from 2020 is that the time is now to step out into the world and make our uniquely creative gifts more visible. Our self expression is of great service to the world. This is why I created the ARTFUL HOUR, a group creativity session where we can allow ourselves the fullest freedom to let our expressions emerge in an intuitive and free form style. This is my first step towards an inner vision I have for us all to be "Healed In the Field" of our collective creative powers!


"I believe our creativity can be our HEALER and our GUIDE to finding clarity, meaning and joy. I have no doubt that having a regular creative practice helps my heart and soul navigate through any uncertainties with a greater sense of purpose and a deeper connection to my own inner knowing and wisdom."


Creativity is a powerful form of self care. It's easy in our day to day lives to find ourselves pulled in so many directions that our creative PLAY time often gets put on the back burner, so it is my intention that the ARTFUL HOUR serve as a creative jam session where individuals can come together to activate their creative potential by allowing their energies to mingle and intuitive artistic powers to expand. It is my hope that in this space we will co-create something special and deeply nourishing just by being together in a shared space of mutual creative support and fun.

During this creativity session, we draw, paint, collage, journal and even doodle to our hearts content! Bring whatever skills you have. Every level of experience is welcome - just come prepared with the art materials you want to be working with and be ready to jump in!

Let it be a space that serves your highest vision for your creative self while at the same time honoring and supporting others.

I can't wait to meet you - amazing things can happen when we come together with a shared intention to create something new!

For now, all in person activities are on hold. Please SIGN UP for my mailing list or CONTACT ME to find out about future Artful Hour sessions.

Warmly and with bright, bright love!


"We are all creative beings in our own way. Deep inside we know this to be true. We know it is vital to our health and happiness to make time to do creative work and express it in the world."








"Despite only being able to join your heartfelt, fabulous, healing, creative & inspirational Artful Hour a couple of times, I SO enjoyed the meditations that took me to a different place. The imagery quieted my mind, and you made it safe to create whatever! Such nonjudgmental freedom is a precious gift, especially during these times. Your voice was magnetic & calming as you gently guided us through the hour. I can certainly understand why you have an international following! Rachel, You are a bright light that keeps giving as you show genuine care & support for each of your students. I feel very fortunate & grateful to be one of them."

- Alli Johnson

"I absolutely love this hour!! It's a time for me to connect to my creativity without any agenda...and you have created such a beautiful space for all of us to connect...thank you!!"

- Aurailia Arnold

"It is a wonderful open space without any advice, criticism or judgement. I love the warm, loving and joyful atmosphere. Just playfulness to discover intuitive creativity. Tuesdays really are becoming more and more my favorite days!"

- Natalie Suarez Lopez

"The Artful Hour has been heart opening. And I think it's been so heart opening because of you, and how you run the class. The meditations have been wonderful and so helpful in making me feel open enough to put pencil to paper and just see what happens. And you're so relaxed and clear that we're just here to create and not to worry. You are the magic that's made it magical."

- Judy Grant