Reverse painting on Plexiglas is an exciting medium with many special and unusual qualities. The process has very unique requirements which put me right on my creative edge, fully engaged with the moment where I feel most curious, free and capable of responding to a unique and fortuitous inspiration.


"What I love about the process of throwing, dropping and pouring paint onto the Plexiglas surface is the direct experience, the courting of the unexpected and the element of chance."

This medium continually asks for my willingness to allow and trust in the movement and the moment. The resulting composition of colors, textures, patterns, lines and drips visually strike a balance between well composed structure and the element of surprise which can never be planned for. When viewing a work on Plexiglas one is immediately struck by the vivid and luminous color. The painting is viewed from the opposite side from which it was created and this turning around of the piece dramatically changes the color. Light hits the surface and makes the paintings glow brilliantly from within.

Plexiglas can be very challenging and somewhat unforgiving. This is because it is unlike canvas, where an artist can erase, remove layers, or change an image again and again until they are satisfied. With reverse painting on Plexiglas, my first strokes are usually the final ones. For one part of my process I pour and throw thinned paint directly onto the clear plexiglas, orchestrating rich passages of color that by chance will merge and dry floating on the non absorbent surface. I first work on the floor, circling around and hovering over the plexiglas. Eventually the plexiglas will land on the easel for further layering of paint.

This dynamic approach promotes my deepest trust and spontaneity as well as my most energetic flowing brushstrokes.

My reverse painting process allows me to intuitively approach themes of nature while playing with the idea of energy and light as its own language and color as its own content.


"I am deeply curious how light and color can be the primary elements in conveying deep emotional states. My passion for color and ongoing fascination with nature continue to inform my process."


I paint subjects such as Landscapes, Oceanscapes, Forms in Nature, the Human Figure and Animals. I work in several styles ranging from intuitive expressionistic abstract painting to impressionistic scenes in nature where I get to explore form and my love for drawing and detail. I enjoy going back and forth between these styles because it helps me to continue to expand my artistic vision AND balance my brain!

To see examples of my various styles of work, please head over to the ON YOUR WALL gallery.