"I am endlessly grateful to have a devoted following of art lovers who enthusiastically collect my work."



"So I only fully removed the wrapping on one of the custom pieces and tears are streaming down my face. The way the light catches the colors, there is so much movement and life, I am so overwhelmed by the beauty. I just want to enjoy this stunningly beautiful moment. You are so amazingly talented, this was so worth waiting for!!! I loooooove it so much. Sending you so many blessings!!! BTW - my husband loves it too!"

- Jennifer Nicholson

"We are fortunate to have two of Rachel's original artworks hanging in our home (we couldn't decide on just one when we met her). These works transformed the house we recently moved into - giving it a much more creative, almost mystical vibe. The colors and movement draw you in and I always look away happier and calmer. Perfect for a home of young aspiring artists and two parents who always need a reminder to slow down and see the beauty all around."

- Emily Haidri

"Rachel's Art-joy is contagious! Her art is bright and joyful. I hung her two pieces right at the corner of my rustic cabin. I put them where my daughter sleeps because she’s a bundle of joy and she loves them. Her art brightens up our place beautifully!"

- Arthur Franklin

"When I saw you in Palo Alto, I just knew that I had met an extremely special and kind human being...instinctively! Thank you for touching my life and providing me a memory I will look at every day. Your passion for your profession will be a part of my home and my continued inspiration."

- Tania

"I wish the photos Ive sent you of your art in our home did more justice in reflecting the joy your artwork has brought us. Thank you so much for allowing us to give it a home~or should I say thank you for helping us to create a home for ourselves. Not a day goes by that I don't pass this wall and think of you!"

- Matt and Brennan

"I cannot tell you how much joy your painting has brought us. We absolutely love it and can't wait to buy our next piece! I honestly had no idea that a piece of art could affect me so deeply. Thank you for being you. We will definitely be in touch. Thank you for the note. It was kind of you. I have posted it to the back of the painting so that when your art is worth millions!! (and it will be), I will have a personal touch."

- Bryn, Rob and baby Madeline

"We first encountered Rachel - a few decades ago - at the Capitola Art and Wine Festival.  We instantly loved her work.  In particular, the use of old wooden window frames reminded us of growing up in the Midwest. We purchased a beautiful piece that has been prominently displayed in our home ever since.  I was looking for something special for my wife this Christmas and adding a couple of Rachels pieces was perfect. It's so cool to see how she has evolved and grown over the years.  And, it was very hard to decide which pieces to purchase. I decided on a couple of forest pieces in purple and green frames - a great compliment to the original piece and to each other.  My wife - and our grown children - LOVED them!  Rachel also went above and beyond to get them to me in time for Christmas morning.  I suspect there will be a few more pieces in our future!  TY Rachel!”

- Karl Schafer-Junger 

 "I've always loved Rachel's work, especially the moons that contain so much energy within such a serene shape. The colors are so beautiful together and change with the light of day to create a bit of magic. When I saw her small artists' prints I knew I had to have one.

We live in a tiny home so everything we bring in must be carefully chosen. We have chosen the perfect spot where it will live, next to 2 pieces of her mothers' that we are fortunate enough to own as well. This little corner of our nest will make us happy every time we look at it".

- Dori Gladden

"I've always been told you should buy art that speaks to you; but, when I first came across Rachel's work at the Beverly Hills Art Show, I got lost in conversation with her entire collection. Her forest collection in particular touched my soul as I was drawn into the movement and light within the paintings. And now I get to enjoy a quiet moment inside a Deep Red Forest everyday when I wake up! I can give no higher praise than that."

- Amy Zwagerman

"I'm just beyond ecstatic! I just opened my 3 prints. LOVE THEM! Cherish them! So proud to have these."

- Victoria Lazarus



"Rachel Shultz’s art radiates pure JOY! Her choice of subjects and colors and attention to detail is shown in all her creations. I am the happy owner of eight works of her art".

- Pam Small