Collection Image - Light on the Earth: Glowing through Shadows 1 (Original Painting)



In 2017, I experienced a profound and mysterious spiritual event that inspired a new direction in my art. I could sense the images that were flowing into my imagination were being sent from a divine source. The paintings in this LIGHT ON THE EARTH series are imbued with that sense of magic and my reverence for our eternal undying spirit. They utilize the same multi-layered painting process as my abstract forest series, but they take a visual step further to include the spherical shape of the moon, the powerful symbol of the pyramid, and expressive linework that suggests the meeting of our world with another unseen world.


"I view the sphere as a symbolic shape of containing, holding and balance. The pyramid for me is a symbol that suggests the possibility of life after death and the integration of the self and soul. These two shapes are a perfect and balanced container for all the emotional and expressive energy that is inherent in my technique."